Introducing the Best Brick Oven Pizza in NC

Welcome to The Brick Oven Pizzeria, a Clemmons, North Carolina staple where family, friends, and food converge to create a truly unforgettable Italian dining experience. For years, our restaurant has served locals and visitors alike, providing an unpretentious backdrop where quality food always takes center stage. While we love to serve you and yours in person, the entirety of our menu is also conveniently available for takeout and delivery making it easy to enjoy your favorites, anytime and anywhere.

Authentic Italian Flavors Like No Other

The Brick Oven is located on Lewisville Clemmons Road, just minutes away from Interstate 40. We routinely welcome pizza fanatics from all across the greater Winston-Salem metropolitan area, thanks to our dedication to sourcing fresh ingredients and our love for highlighting authentic flavors. Regardless of where you come from, if you find yourself searching for places to eat in Clemmons, you can’t go wrong with our distinctive brick oven taste.

The Best Pizzeria in Clemmons

As a family-owned and operated restaurant, one of our goals when creating The Brick Oven’s menu, was to feature foods that bring about a sense of nostalgia and comfort. Our menu offers patrons a homemade, made-from-scratch taste, seamlessly mixing together the best flavors of the old world, with classic favorites popularized by American-Italian takeout joints.

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The Brick Oven Pizzeria

Not only do we focus on sourcing quality ingredients for each of our dishes, but the magic truly happens in our namesake, the brick oven. Once you try pizza cooked in this manner, you won’t soon forget its smoky, full-bodied taste. Rounded out by our exceptional customer service, it’s no wonder that The Brick Oven Pizzeria remains the undisputed top choice for pizza in Clemmons!

If you’re craving Pizza Near Me in Clemmons NC, You’ve Come to the Right Place

At The Brick Oven Pizzeria, we give each and every customer our undivided attention, going above and beyond to provide them with an in-person dining experience rooted in small-town Southern hospitality. While our customer service style is quaint and highly personalized, our food is nothing short of world-class. Unpretentious, family-friendly, and casual, we welcome you to come for dine-in service seven days a week!

We love to see you in person at the pizzeria, but our team also recognizes that nothing quite beats the convenience of having a freshly baked pizza arrive directly at your door. Brick Oven offers delivery through our trusted third-party partners, in addition to a user-friendly, online option for ordering takeout.


The Brick Oven Pizzeria & Restaurant

Pizza delivery is an American tradition and one that we at The Brick Oven Pizzeria believe should be honored! However, our delivery is rooted in modern-day convenience, allowing you to order anything from our menu with just a few taps on your cell phone. Our guests can currently order their favorites from The Brick Oven, directly to their doors using our trusted third-party partners. We currently offer delivery through the following platforms.

We have established working relationships with all three of these providers, and trust that any of them will be able to deliver your food in a timely fashion. Moreover, we have made it a goal to package our food and pizza to withstand the issues that often accompany delivery, so that it reaches your door in a state of absolute perfection.

Our partners make it possible to receive delivery of your favorite pizza in Clemmons whenever you get the craving! Our full pizza menu is available for you to explore, and customize, to your heart’s content. Not only will our delivery get you closer to your favorite brick oven-style pizza, but you and yours can also choose from any of our other menu options, including appetizers, salads, wings, handhelds, pasta, specialties, desserts, and more.

Perhaps you’re interested in ordering some of our customer-favorite wings for the big Sunday night game? Or maybe your Friday night get-together needs a few of our famous pizzas to make it perfect? Whatever the occasion, our partners make it possible for you to get our securely packed, hot, and fresh delivery right to your location, because if there’s one thing, we can all agree on, it’s that food makes any event better.

Beyond Pizza- Explore our

Entire Brick Oven Clemmons Menu

While it’s true that we specialize in brick oven-style pizza, our menu is hardly lacking in other options! We offer a wide range of other foods, from authentic Italian favorites to classic American-Italian takeaway fare. Regardless of what you order from our restaurant, the goal is to provide you with fresh, made-to-order, hearty portions that leave both you and your wallet full and satisfied. Seven days a week, starting early at 11:00 a.m., our entire menu is available for lunch and dinner service.

We aim to make each dish your new favorite, which is why we put just as much time into our other offerings as we do our pizza. Given our name, incorporating Italian cuisine into the menu was important to us. However, unlike other pizza restaurants in Clemmons, we decided to also add in classic American favorites, including Americanized versions of some of our favorite dishes from across the Atlantic. With a little something for everyone, we promise that your next meal from The Brick Oven Pizzeria will be anything but boring.

Read about all that’s available on our other menus down below

And let us know what your favorite non-pizza option is the next time you come

and see us in person:


Feeling extra hungry? Want to indulge in all our restaurant has to offer? No matter what the occasion, it’s always a good time to share appetizers with friends (or keep them all to yourself- we won’t judge!). There’s plenty to choose from but customers can’t seem to get enough of the bread options on our Brick Oven Clemmons menu. Favorites like warm and gooey mozzarella bread and bread sticks smothered in cheese and brushed with garlic make every meal better. Looking for something a bit lighter, yet still full of flavor? Our feta cheese and tomatoes offer a lighter, yet equally enjoyable option prior to enjoying your main course.


At the Brick Oven Pizzeria, our salads are anything but boring. Not only do we pack our salads full of crisp and colorful greens and vegetables, but we also offer 10 different options for dressings! That’s right, from creamy ranch to shimmering vinaigrettes, you can truly customize our salads to fit your taste buds. From our healthy and hearty Grilled Chicken Salad to our tangy Greek Salad, there’s no chance of you leaving hungry. Our side salad also pairs well with any of our brick oven pizza options.


Chicken wings are a must-have in every Italian takeaway joint, and we’re doing it up right with over 14 sauce options! With classics like buffalo, honey mustard, BBQ, and Thai chili, you can indulge your wing craving seven days a week at The Brick Oven Pizzeria. We also offer regional sauce favorites like tasty Carolina Gold and deliciously hot Carolina Reaper. We currently offer wings in orders of 10, 15, 25, 50, and 100! So, whether you’re dining for one, or supplying wings for game day, we’ve got you covered- and then some. Each order of wings comes with blue cheese/ranch and celery OR garlic bread.


If you’re looking for places to eat near me in Clemmons that offer a wide range of hearty burgers and sandwiches, you’ve come to the right restaurant. Our menu offers an extensive selection of burgers featuring premium Angus chuck, cooked to your liking, and topped with a variety of different cheeses and vegetables. From our classic cheeseburger to our creative feta-topped Grecian burger, Brick Oven offers 7 different burger options, including an Impossible patty vegetarian choice!

In addition to our burgers, we cook up a variety of different wraps, subs, and sandwiches including steak and cheese, Reuben, club, Italian supreme, meatball, French dip, and so many more. Served with your choice of hand-cut French fries, homemade chips, onion ribbons, pasta salad, potato salad, or steamed broccoli.

Indulge in Classic Italian Fare with

Clemmons Pizza and Pasta Served Fresh Daily

Despite our wide range of sandwiches, wings, salads, and burgers, sometimes, all you’re craving is a hearty dish of pasta. Indulge in any number of our decadent pasta plates, tossed in everything from juicy meat sauce to tangy marsala wine. Of course, we offer crowd favorites like two types of irresistible spaghetti. Choose between our classic rendition with your choice of marinara or meat sauce, and our baked variety, smothered with Romano and whole milk mozzarella cheese before crisping to perfection.

While spaghetti has solidified itself as a customer favorite, there’s still plenty to choose from on our pasta menu, like our homemade lasagna, coated with layers of noodles, hearty meat sauce, and three different kinds of cheese. From there, we bake it slowly, merging together a delicious medley of flavors. With the best selection of pasta amongst Clemmons restaurants, you’ll also find no shortage of creative takes on classic favorites. Tired of typical noodle dishes but still craving pasta? Try our stuffed shells, bursting with creamy ricotta and served with meat sauce and mozzarella. Or satisfy your taste buds with stuffed manicotti, easy to eat and impossible to forget.

Our made-to-order pasta covers all of the classics, in addition to offering protein-heavy options that allow you to pair your pasta with the best of the land and sea. You can’t go wrong with dishes like our irresistible jumbo shrimp scampi, or savory chicken marsala, which bring you pasta sauteed in aromatics and wine, before being laid over a bed of delicate angel hair pasta. Enjoy a wide selection of decadent pasta, seven days a week at The Brick Oven Pizzeria.

Indulge in Our Specialty Dishes a Standout Amongst Other

Italian Restaurants Clemmons NC Fare

Every restaurant has its specialties, and we’re no different at The Brick Oven Pizzeria. Our specialty lineup consists of dishes featuring juicy chicken tenderloin, a medley of fresh seafood, and mouthwatering aromatics. What makes our specialty dishes, well, special? They’re available every day, whether you choose to dine in, carry out, or opt for delivery. Regardless of where you devour our specialties, we’ll ensure you receive them in a state of excellence, cooked to your satisfaction, every time.

What can you expect from our specialty dishes? How about our classic seafood pasta, featuring fresh shrimp, mussels, and calamari coated in garlic, white wine, and marinara, served over linguine? Or maybe you’re partial to mussels with linguine where we take a whole pound of fresh mussels sauteed to perfection and served over thick, buttery, pasta?

When searching for Italian near me in Clemmons, don’t forget that we also offer two types of parmagian, both bursting in flavor and served with your choice of either spaghetti and meat (or marinara) sauce, fettuccine alfredo, or angel hair pasta. For those favoring a veggie take on this classic customer favorite, we offer six fresh and robust eggplant, coated with the finest Italian-style breadcrumbs, before baking them with mozzarella and Romano cheese. Our second parmagian is made the same way, except this time, we bake it using 3 lightly breaded cuts of premium chicken tenderloin.

To round out our specials, customers can choose from zesty chicken piccata with capers. creamy chicken, and broccoli florets over angel hair, or finally, our adult version of crispy chicken tenders, coated and battered in a fresh breaded mixture are always a slam dunk.

All About Our Pizza:

A Fan Favorite and Staple Amongst Restaurants Clemmons NC Locals Frequent

At The Brick Oven Pizzeria, we stand behind all of our dishes. However, our pizza has always been our passion, and the one thing we insist you must try when dining at our restaurant. What makes our pizza special? The secret is in our name. We utilize an authentic brick oven to cook each of our pizzas to an elevated state. This method cooks your pizza evenly, infusing it with a smoky yet layered flavor, that cannot be replicated in any other cooking method.

While all of our pizzas are cooked in our brick oven, you can customize them in a multitude of ways to fit your preferences and dietary needs. Our brick oven pizza is served on our regular house crust; however, our pizzas can also be made with a thin crust, or a gluten-free crust made from rice flour. We offer a range of different sizes, starting at 10 inches and ending at 16 inches. Please note, inches will vary based on the type of crust and type of pizza you choose.

Customers can customize a pizza to their liking with over 20 options for toppings including imported ham, fresh veggies, and classic pepperoni. Or we also offer 8 different house-made specialty pizzas ranging from tangy white to BBQ chicken. In addition to our traditional pizza offerings, customers can create their own personalized stromboli and calzones, a perfect way to satisfy their pizza craving in one convenient handheld option.

Our Entire Brick Oven Clemmons Menu Is

Available for Delivery and Carryout

As previously mentioned, The Brick Oven Pizzeria has partnered with several trusted third-party delivery apps to bring you our full menu, on-demand, seven days a week. Our full menu is also available for takeout, every day, powered by Slice, an online ordering platform that caters to independent pizzerias like ours. Slice can be accessed online via computer, or in application format, downloaded directly to your smartphone. Slice allows you to:

We thank our partners at Slice, for making it easy for those searching for brick oven pizza near me in Clemmons, to get their fix in easy, takeout format!


What Our Customers Say

We live in Boone and have visited here several times. Great experience every time. On our most recent visit, our server Whitney said she had previously been a restaurant manager (at a different restaurant) and her server skills showed it! …
We love this place. Yes it is busy and some times there is a wait, some times it takes a minute to get your food, but The Pizza is always delicious and the Chili Tia Wings are to die for. …

The food is above average and the atmosphere is good. Try the wings and be sure to order them extra crispy! Great spot for an relaxing meal!

Why Choose The Brick Oven Pizzeria when

Looking for Places to Eat and Things to do in Clemmons NC

Don’t let Clemmons size fool you, our small town has still managed to create a thriving food scene for our locals, and those visiting from the Winston-Salem metropolitan area and beyond. We believe that every town, regardless of size, should have its own go-to pizzeria. At The Brick Oven Pizzeria, we are proud to fill that niche with our expansive and inclusive menu. Why should you choose The Brick Oven Pizzeria for your next meal? Here’s why you should give us a try:

Diverse & Inclusive Menu

We’ve spent a lot of time curating and perfecting our menu to ensure that diners of all types can find something to choose from. We have options for meat lovers, vegetarians, and even those with gluten intolerance. You won’t have to search long and hard for restaurants near me in Clemmons that offer an inclusive menu, as we’ve got you covered.

Delivery, Takeout, and Dine-In Options

Our customers can enjoy our menu in a multitude of ways. For those seeking quickness and convenience, we offer hassle-free delivery and carryout. For those who want to stay awhile and break bread in our comfortable and welcoming dining room? We love to serve you face-to-face! Regardless of what you choose, we guarantee our food will be cooked and plated to your full satisfaction.

Pizza with Passion

At The Brick Oven Pizzeria we do what we do because we believe that food has the power to bring people together. We are proud to not only serve our immediate community but to also facilitate memories you’ll cherish for years to come. We thank you for your business and are always looking for ways to better serve you and yours!