The Art of Brick Oven Pizza: How Brick Oven Pizzeria in Clemmons NC Takes Pizza to a Whole New Level of Deliciousness

Let’s face it, when it comes to pizza, it’s hard to go wrong with some simple cheese and a basic homemade dough. While good pizza is pretty easy to come by, a remarkable pie is a bit harder to find. At Brick Oven Pizzeria & Restaurant, we know exactly what it takes to elevate your standard pizza to a pizza that is completely unforgettable. How do we know this? Because we’ve been doing it for years. That’s why, after all of this time, visitors and locals alike come from all over the place to try our pizza. At our pizzeria, we’ve created our winning hand by sourcing fresh ingredients, creating a diverse selection of toppings and crusts, and finally, cooking it all up in an authentic brick oven.

In this post, we discuss the previously mentioned three key components that go into making our pizza stand out, and how they all come together harmoniously to create one, irresistible, cheesy, and flavorful pizza pie. Want to know all about the Brick Oven Pizzeria difference? Keep reading to learn more!

Key Difference #1- Ingredients Matter

When all is said and done, if you don’t have good ingredients- you’re going to struggle to make great pizza. Our crowd-favorite pizza in Clemmons is an example of how important getting the right ingredients is. At The Brick Oven Pizzeria, we care about where our ingredients are sourced from, and that includes going the extra step to make many of our own basic staples in-house. You’ll find plenty of made-from-scratch options throughout our menu, which translates directly into better-tasting dishes.

Because pizza, as an entrée, is fairly simple to make, it’s imperative to invest in the ingredients to make it pop. At The Brick Oven Pizzeria, we do just that. We carefully monitor our ingredients to verify they’re fresh and discard them the second they no longer meet our standards for quality. We ensure that every vegetable is thoroughly cared for, sanitized, and prepped to bake to a perfect crip. We even import some of our finest ingredients like ham, to provide our customers with the most authentic taste possible. Without these base offerings to set the stage for our exemplary pizza, it ultimately ends up tasting just like any other pie. And while a generic yet pleasant taste may cut it for other pizza parlors, our brick oven Clemmons menu serves only the best of the best.

Key Difference #2- Diverse Selection of Pizzas

With the right ingredients chopped, prepared, and ready to go, the next step is ensuring our customers have a full range of options to choose from. What might be a great pizza for you, could potentially be a miss for someone else. Particularly those who have dietary needs and restrictions they must follow. Our response? Rather than turn these clients away, we did what we always do, and got to brainstorming. By getting creative, and putting our time and energy into finding alternatives, we not only were able to find ways to feed our vegetarian and gluten-intolerant friends but feed them an equally delicious alternative.

Our pizzas come in convenient metrics, allowing us to then decipher the proper cooking times so that each pie comes to you in mint condition. We’ve perfected these times to also coincide with the size and crust of the current pie we’re cooking. So, whether your preference is original, rice, or cauliflower, you can trust that we’ll approach it with the same attention to detail and meticulousness.

If you’re looking for pizza restaurants near me that also offer an innovative selection of homemade originals, we’ve got just the specialty menu for you. From a vegetarian option that utilizes a hearty mixture of veggies, to our signature basil pesto pie that adds in unique cheeses like feta and ricotta, customers can quickly see that our love for creating pizzas is the real secret ingredient.

Key Difference #3 The Brick Oven Method

The brick oven method is so important to making our pizza stand out, that we couldn’t help but derive our very name from it. Yes, ingredients and diversity make our pizza great, but it’s the brick oven method that brings it all home and keeps our customers hooked. This method, which originated in none other than Italy, is often hailed as being superior by pizza fanatics. At our brick oven Clemmons pizza restaurant, it’s safe to say that we agree. The brick oven cooks pizza in a way that leaves its dough fluffy and moist, its toppings piping hot, and its crust ever so slightly charred to give it a robust flavor.

The main difference between a brick oven pizza, and a pizza cooked in a regular oven, comes down to the opposing materials, brick, and steel. Brick tends to transfer heat to the dough in a slower, and more concentrated method. The heat distribution is even, allowing for all components of the pizza to cook effortlessly at the same time. Undercooked and burnt areas? Not a problem when you use a brick oven. On top of the balanced cooking method, a brick oven pizza will always produce a distinct taste, that cannot be replicated under any circumstances.

Simply put, it’s the combination of these 3 elements that make our pizza at The Brick Oven Pizzeria an absolute must-try for all pizza lovers. Once you experience pizza and Italian near me in Clemmons cooked to perfection using a brick oven, you’ll never doubt its supremacy ever again.

A Tradition of Excellence

As a locally owned and operated business, it has always been our mission to supply our neighbors and community with exceptional food. No labor of love is too great, and that’s what keeps us constantly looking for ways to bring you the best pizza in the Winston-Salem greater metropolitan area. But don’t just take our word for it, come see for yourself, and we’ll show you firsthand just what the brick oven can do, to take your pizza to the next level.